Stop Meat Shaming, Start Educating

There is nothing that compares to farm raised proteins. The colors, the rich taste, tenderness, nourishment we receive. Commercial // industrialized farms will never raise animals in an ethical manner, the taste will never compare to homegrown, the once nutrient packed vessel will become additives, the life force of the animal will never compare to a traditional farm // homestead raised animal.

Instead of sharing counter productive extremist meat shaming media, let’s collectively try sharing information and resources on how people can access their nearest family farm. Factory farmed meats and other animal products (such as milk, eggs, wool) are tainted and toxic, which is something more and more Americans are finally becoming familiar with. Though in all reality, the broader view of the situation screams, "it's common sense". Factory farms over stuff and over populate their animal inventory to provide for big corporate mongers, which then go out and target the mass majority population, and especially those in low income brackets. They are part of denaturing nature by filling animals with high genetically modified foods and grains, growth hormones for quick production, and other carcinogenic compounds. This has thrown off the sacred values of nature. We as a nation have completely destroyed our animals’ life cycles, migrating patterns, soil and natural resources, depleted the ozone and coral reefs all over the world, and it's a huge thanks to commercialized farming and industrialization.

So wouldn't boycotting meat and animal products help get us back on track? Animals are here for a specific purpose, and that's to coexist and nourish humans and other beings (including other animals, insects, and fungi) in nature’s natural life cycle. We are the next link up in the food chain and have been for thousands of years. For millennia people have survived from from mere grains, meats, fruits, vegetables, and plant medicines. Primitive peoples had the knowledge and capability of seeing what a sacred animals could provide -food for the village, bone marrow for nourishment, eggs for protein, etc, and they treated the animal as that, sacred vessel of nourishment. The meat went to the tribes people, the fat used for fire, the bones used for weapons of protection, sacred mementos, or tools, and the fur/pelts used for shelter or clothing.

You see, respecting an animal provides optimal nourishment for the mind, body and soul, a connection to our ancestors, and most importantly a connection between human and animal.

Susun Weed always says this so beautifully, "You say you love animals, but you are a vegan. How could someone who doesn't experience an animal's medicine, love animals? What it looks like to me is that you don't love them at all, you hate animals. You hate them so much you won't even honor their purpose, what they here for, you tell them I don't love you enough to put you in my body."

Some find this hard to hear or highly arguable, but in all honesty I agree. I was vegan for years and was eating the best I could (non packaged foods, fresh and cooked plant protein), but I was sick all the time, I hit my absolute worst in early 2016 where my autoimmune disorder was out of control, and a friend, who is a naturopathic doctor, suggested that incorporate animal meats back into my diet because I was wasting away, had terrible menstrual cycles, and constant skin conditions. After I reintroduced meat back into my life, I never experienced those pains again. So those who are vegan and think they are saving the world, your not, you are not even saving yourself. You are also using more resources to process all of you plant products. Soil regeneration takes about 5 years, do you think commercialized Almond Milk companies or animal inspired plant burgers take account for that? For your lovely almond milk, sure it takes less water to generate a gallon, but the crop takes about 7-11 years to mature and is a highly thirsty plant, so you tell me. For coconuts we turn to harvesting from other countries, depleting them of their own supply chain, vegan soy meat (tempeh, tofu) replacers are some of the worst and endocrine disrupting foods you could eat. Another important factor to mention is hemoglobin. Animal meats are the only natural source for heme iron, which is something menstruating women need as their loss of blood can be regenerated by iron rich meats. The collagen and gelatin in bone broth offers numerous health aids and benefits for those who need healing or those who need nutritional support. Just plant the seed and think about the information. I am in no way knocking you or your lifestyle, just pointing out facts, scientific and traditional evidence. I also understand that some may not be able to process/digest meats or animal products and they are notoriously "highly inflammatory", and without going too deep, I would say reach out to me if you are serious about getting on track with the right foods / practices and I promise we can get you on a great holistically healthy food system and rejoin the natural food cycle.

Majority of Family owned farms offer love, kindness, and happy healthy pasture lives to their animals. Most of these farms have kids who take care of these animals, who love them, play with them -nourishing both parties. These animals are usually grass or compost fed from family leftovers. They sleep in a nice cozy coop or barn, and have a relationship with these farmers that go hand in hand. The farmer understands what it takes to truly cherish and care for the animal so it can provide, and the animal fulfills its' duties with dignity. Channeling simpler times reignites an ancestral fire in each and every one of us.

So again, instead of being part of the mass media monster and being part of destroying family’s livelihoods and hard work, health, taking part in shaming others -let's spread positivity, have conversation, discuss what it means to have an animal's medicine, create ways to support a local farm in your community and encouraging your local stores to carry their goods, how to create a sacred meaning around food and nourishment, how to source ethical foods, and most of all come together to create an educated and healthy community.

The kiddos at one of our favorite Central Oregon Ranches celebrating Emery’s birthday and the animals that nourish us!

The kiddos at one of our favorite Central Oregon Ranches celebrating Emery’s birthday and the animals that nourish us!

Abigail Cox