Get Lifted : Cannabis For Yoga + Meditation


Cannabis is a huge buzz word as more states across the nation seek to widely legalize it, which gives us the opportunity to learn more about her, and channel her healing benefits throughout different verticals. Cannabis industry businesses are popping up at a rapid rate like dispensaries, grow operations, wellness companies, yoga studios, cafes, research institutes, laboratories, CBD companies, and the like! So many wonderful outlets and opportunities to experience the medicinal and recreational perks of cannabis.

One path to wander down is utilizing cannabis and it’s enhancing benefits when used collectively with yoga + meditation. These three forms of medicine aid + support the mind, body, and soul and calms life altering symptoms like:

-Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Mood Swings

-Weight Gain, Weight Loss

-Overcoming Trauma

-Digestive Pains

-Menstrual/Reproductive Organ

-Pain + Soreness



These three medicines allow and strengthen inner stillness, transformation, breakthroughs,  relief and release. How exactly? Well as more cannabis mindfulness studies are being conducted (and released) we have learned that THC (the psychoactive constituent of cannabis) allows us to enter a state of euphoria and expansion, and CBD (a non psychoactive constituent of cannabis) is grounding, stress reducing, centering. We receive these effects due to the Endocannabinoid System, a subject that has undergone diverse case studies, but has concluded that:

  • Everyone has an Endocannabinoid System

  • This system is just as important as the other body systems (Circulatory, Digestive, Lymphatic, etc.) and is responsible for runner’s high feelings of euphoria, sensation, sedation, memory, appetite

  • There are Cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body, but are highly recognized in the brain, uterus and digestive system.

  • Women contain more cannabinoid receptors in their womb then any other place on the body.

And as far a yoga + meditation go, a once narrowly known practice has finally captured a vast audience and currently has many large scale studies being conducted in regards to the 5,000+ year old practice. Studies have shown that people who meditate long term show alterations in the brain, and they aren’t bad! Strengthened meta-cognitive skills, empathy expansion, and has even shown when combined with cannabis reduced stress and anxiety is expected. As the practice of yoga has become widely recognized many know and have experienced the wonderful benefits of asana practice. Strength building, focal training, flexibility, and stamina are just a few bonuses when yoga is part of a daily practice. This medicine trio is an infinite resource to expand + unite the mind, body, and soul and encourages a more health conscious and mindful lifestyle!

Tips on Cannabis and Yoga:

  • Refrain from smoking while doing yoga. It’s important not to get too far away from the practice. During asana or meditation practice channeling inner focus and clarity is a big goal, so trying to consume cannabis during that process is taking away from your practice.

  • Know your dosage. We’ve all heard a great edible story, but they seriously can sneak up on you! Start small or microdose, and increase dosage if need be. There is no need to over do it!

  • Know your strains!

Indica: Mellow, Calms The Mind, Go Inward

Sativa: Uplifting, Focal training, Movement

Hybrids: Combining the two and one of my favorites to recommend!

  • Practice safe cannabis consumption. Much of yoga + meditation is breathwork, so smoking a whole lot of weed before a yoga class may give your lungs a little too much exercise!

Best Strain for Vinyasa // Power Flow

Girl Scout Cookies (hybrids) or Sour Diesel (Sativa)


One of the best feelings is kicking ass during power flow. A class known for strength building, corework, fluid movement and flowing with the breath, some may think that cannabis might slow you down in a class like this, but in all actuality it can enhance your performance and endurance. Elevating strains like Girl Scout Cookie Hybrids (This strain is an indica dominant, leaving the body relaxed, but hybrids offer a cross of sativa and indica. With my experience GSC hybrids are a great strain for power flows! Sour Diesel is another favorite of mine and I have yet to come across a SD strain that I didn’t like. With energetic attributes of increased happiness, energy, and euphoria Sour Diesel definitely makes the list.

Best Strain For Restorative Yoga

AC/DC or Pineapple Jager (High CBD)


I almost always recommend high CBD low THC cannabis before restorative yoga. Whether it’s in form of a topical, edible, or vaporizer CBD, it binds to the cannabinoid receptors and provides a great sense of release, euphoria and peace while practicing -especially those struggling // recovering from injuries. AC/DC is a widely known High CBD strain that aids anxiety, stress, pain relief, inflammation, and depression. Pineapple Jager is an up and coming High CBD strain that is energetic, pain relieving, and calm inducing.

Best Strain For Yoga + Meditation + Ariel

Blue Dream (Hybrid)


I recommend this strain the most. As a serious ally for paranoia, nausea, anxiety and high stress. This mind uplifting hybrid is physically relaxing, super enjoyable, balancing, and refreshing! As it can sometimes leave the body feeling very relaxed, making this a great strain for ariel yoga as well!

Best Strain For Meditation Journeying

Northern Lights (Indica)


Indicas can get you seriously in your head, which can be super useful when journeying through meditations like Yoga Nidra, Guided Imagery, Visualization Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, and more. It is used as a medicine to go into inner stillness and meditation practice as it offers deep relaxation, euphoria and happiness.

Cannabis and wellness are aligned and go hand in hand, this plant offers vast amounts of opportunities to learn and experience its’ healing qualities and benefits. It may even become the next superfood craze! No matter where you are on your wellness journey there is always time and resources to start and develop a wellness journey into a wellness practice!

If you are interested in learning more about Cannabis, check out the blog post THC and CBD What’s The Difference? or if you have any cannabis + wellness questions I am available to offer assistance.

Abigail Cox