image by Abigail Cox all rights reserved.

image by Abigail Cox all rights reserved.

Free Resource: THC and CBD - What’s The Difference?

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The budding cannabis industry is bringing new consumers to the table and the experienced enjoyers out of the wood works. With proven studies on how cannabis can heal the body inside and out more and more states are legalizing the herb or setting up programs where it can be available. Not to mention the legalization of CBD (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in certain strains of cannabis) nationwide, making it available to anyone, anywhere.

What many don’t know, is where to begin their cannabis journey. One of the services offered at Mystic Lotus Healing is Cannabis Health and Wellness. This service is to offer assistance to those new to cannabis who are interested in educating themselves in cannabis, want to learn the best way for their body to use it, i.e. cooking, topically, smoking, cannabis and weight loss, using cannabis as an ally for healing or recreation, and those who are interested in becoming part of the cannabis community.