Calendula Cacao Coffee


This cup of ceremonial drinking chocolate is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing and the stagnant energy moving! Great time to incorporate this powerful drink is during New and Full Moon energies, times of poor mood, depression, lack of sunshine (winter in most places), or just feeling stuck in a rut. I invite your to channel your gratitude and to give your body the blessing of nourishment before you take your first sip of cacao. Sip with intention. Create. Repeat.

Check out the blog post on Medicines for the Creative for more information on these four very healing plant medicines!

1 small handful of Dried Calendula

5-7 Discs of Firefly Ceremonial Cacao

½ Cup Hot Water

6-8 oz of coffee (brew ½ a Tablespoon less than instruction requirements for 6-8 oz of water)

High CBD Cannabis tincture, butter/oil, or smoke *optional, but recommended!

*Blender will be used

Pour hot water over dried calendula and allow to steep for a few minutes covered. Add cacao to blender, pour calendula and hot water into blender. Add in hot coffee. If using a cannabis tincture or butter/oil add in desired amount. Blend until smooth, I like mine a little frothy so I blend a little longer for some foam on top or I add frothed milk!

Enjoy with intention!



Abigail Cox