Infusion Gummie Recipe


Gummies are a kid approved snack, and are extremely simple to make -it takes about 5 minutes! No need to buy expensive and sugar filled “healthy” gummies from the store when you can make your own with your kiddos and know every ingredient that goes into them.

This recipe is easily interchangeable for the infusion, but I love to make big batches of Red Clover infusion since it is a bit sweeter, and with the left over we don’t drink is made into gummies for the kiddos..and me to snack on :)

Your infusion should be made at least 5 hours beforehand. We make ours the night before so it can steep all night and the plant constituents have a chance to release all their goodness.


-1 ¾ Cup Red Clover Infusion (You can substitute this for any of your favorite infusions or teas)

-6 Tblsp of Grass Fed Gelatin (Vital Proteins is wonderful and there are Vegan options too)

-2-3 Tblsp Raw Honey*

*Raw Honey is safe for kiddos 1 year and over. Some honeys may contain spores, Clostridium Botulinum, which may lead to infant botulism. Adults and older children are able to digest this, but infants are not capable of digesting quite yet.


Pour ½ cup of Infusion in a small bowl and sprinkle gelatin on top, set aside. In small pot pour 1 ¼ cup of remainder infusion in, warm on low -do not simmer or boil. When just warm remove from heat and stir in gelatin mixture. Mix or whisk until there are no lumps, add in honey and mix. Strain foam off the top, pour into a bowl or measuring cup with a pour spout, and pour into molds. I love using silicone molds and sometimes lightly grease with coconut oil to ensure no sticking, but it is not usually required with these gummies. Once all disbursed into molds, stick them in the fridge for about an hour, and then they are done! Enjoy :)

These gummies are a great and fun way to incorporate infusions, teas, and plant medicines into your kid’s diet and yours too! I encourage you to play around with different herbs like Peppermint, Linden, Rose, Passion Flower, Hibiscus, Lemon Balm, and even make these gummies from an Elderberry syrup!


Abigail Cox