Sleep Rx Tincture Recipe

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Unknown Author

I think the vast majority of people have experienced sleepless nights thanks to insomnia, but many struggle with it chronically. Chronic insomnia roots to a deeper cause at hand, but catching some Zzz’s in the meantime while you figure out the source is so necessary in order for the body to recharge. Turning to herbs instead of prescription and over the counter meds is an all natural approach and something that has been done for thousands of years, but it is also important to note that herbs are wonderful for support and continuous use throughout life, but if we wait until the body is burnt out herbs may not always be there to fully lift you back up.

Western Medicine is brilliant and should be used + recognized when needed, that’s why it’s there! Medicine practiced in the West is great to use in emergency, prevent disease, treat severe acute illnesses like meningitis, and a way for bringing the body out of a crazed state of inflammation at a rapid rate. Many of the medicines on the market today are made from herbs, isolated plant constituents in order to maximize their benefits and turned into a pill combined with other isolated constituents. That’s potent stuff! Which is why using herbs in their whole form maximizes their healing and nourishing qualities, they aren’t highly concentrated and in most cases, toxic!

Another note is that there are so many so many. Meaning an herb is not a one size fits all, every person is different and responds differently to herbs. For example:

If I say Chamomile is a great herb to calm, this is a very allopathic approach (one size fits all), when in all actuality Lemon Balm, Lavender, Passionflower, Rhodiola, Valerian, and Burdock Root are all great calming plant allies and perform differently for everybody. So should we put all the calming allies together to make an ultra calm tincture so we are all so fucking calm we beam rainbows out of our ass? Probably not, and there’s more to it that that! There are many points of view on this, and my approach is to make simples (one herb tinctures) and separately combine specific remedies together in an esoteric whole self approach if needed, but some say it is okay to combine herbs in one tincture jar, but I would not recommend more than three at a time -trust me I have been there!

In the recipe below there are 3 common herbs that work very effectively together as a handy Sleep Rx and is completely safe to take long term, but be mindful to not become dependent, dig deeper to the root cause of your sleeplessness and kick insomnia’s ass once and for all! As I mentioned above there are many herbs for specific symptoms, but these ones tend to remedy vast majority of people.

What you will Need:

  • Fresh HIGH CBD LOW THC (7% or below is great) Indica Cannabis Flower ½-1 oz

  • Fresh Ashwaghanda Root

  • Fresh Passionflower

  • 100 Proof Vodka (find something local or Smirnoff works great!)

  • 3 Pint (16 oz.) Mason Jars with Lids

If you are not able to source the above in your area or work with local farms/gardens to gather your fresh ingredients then Pacific Botanicals in Oregon is an excellent resource for buying sustainable and ethically manufactured fresh plant material. Also, cannabis is just about legal, but not everywhere. Please be mindful when buying cannabis that you are residing in a state where it is legal to do so. I wish I didn’t have to type that, but there.


I’m not a big measurement person when I don’t need to be, and when I play around with folk remedies it’s not one of those times which is the way it is and should be!

Jar 1: HIGH CBD Cannabis, about ½-1 oz. Preheat oven to 280 degrees F. to decarboxylate (activate the THC and CBD compounds). Grind the cannabis into small bits and spread evenly in a glass Pyrex baking dish. Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes. Once cannabis is done, remove from oven, burp or peel the sides of the foil to allow steam to escape. Allow to cool for a few. Spoon decarboxylated cannabis into Jar 1 until about ½ to ¾ way full, even if it’s not very full you will get a potent tincture! Pour 100 proof vodka over cannabis and fill to the top. Lid mason jar, label Jar with contents and date, shake everyday for 6 weeks.

Jar 2: Ashwagandha Root. Roughly chop fresh root, add to jar. Fill jar about ½-¾ full and pour 100 proof vodka over ashwagandha root and fill to the top. Lid mason jar, label Jar with contents and date, shake everyday for 6 weeks.

Jar 3: Passionflower. Roughly chop or tear fresh flower, add to jar. Fill jar about ½-¾ full and pour 100 proof vodka over passionflower and fill to the top. Lid mason jar, label Jar with contents and date, shake everyday for 6 weeks.


After 6 weeks, strain each jar into 3 seperate pint mason jars. Label and date the jars. To make your Sleep Rx tincture combination simply grab a medicine dropper bottle (you can buy at many health food stores) and add enough to fill:

  • 1 Part HIGH CBD

  • 1 Part Ashwagandha Root

  • 1 Part Passionflower

Start with one dropperful and see what the effects are, if more is needed dosage may be between 1-3 dropperfuls every few hours. There you have it! An easy and effective Sleep Rx Tincture to help alleviate chronic insomnia troubles or the random sleepless night!

*I want to note that the reason we didn’t strain + combine the tinctures into one big jar is so that if this remedy is not effective for you, you are able to at least use these tinctures singularly for other great uses or combine them with other tinctures!

Other great herbs for sleep are:

  • Lemon Balm -Warm and astringent, used in depressive types and digestive symptoms.

  • Hops -Bitter and sedating, excellant for insomnia, but short term use is advised. 1-2 dropperfuls in warm water or tea.

  • Valarian Root -Warming relaxant and most commonly used with anxious conditions, cold hands and feet. It is also known as an herbal muscle relaxer and can become habit forming if taken too long and high doses. Otherwise a very safe remedy to use.

  • Kava Kava -Cooling relaxant that is used to relieve muscle tension and soreness, anxiety and panic disorders.

  • Magnolia Bark - Promotes rapid drowsiness and is used mostly in Chinese Medicine for reducing cortisol levels and inducing relaxation.

  • California Poppy -A mild sedative nervine and very safe, even for children to use.

  • St. John’s Wort -Warming herb known to relax, relieve tension, stress, and anxiety, it has been known to relieve chronic insomnia and depression. 1-4 dropperfuls up to 3x a day is safe.

  • Skullcap -Cooling Nervine for Over Stimulated Conditions.

Abigail Cox