Free Guided Meditation Audio

Hello Lovelies!

Posting this free guided meditation as a resource for anyone to use or access. It is an excellent way to relieve stress, become present in the moment and revitalize the mind and body. The audio is about 14 and a half minutes and the meditation portion being about 12 minutes. A big goal of mine is making meditation easily accessed and attainable -for everyone!

Most of the writing is mine, but a bit of the forest visualization is recollected from another teaching back in my YTT days, I unfortunately don’t remember the author info, but wanted to include it and call it out because it’s brilliant! Enjoy the journey :)


*Practice meditation when there are no other outside disturbances around, quiet and away from the noise to give you a chance to relax. An eye pillow or eye mask is helpful for those who are distracted by light, and lastly wear warms loose fitting clothing for comfort.

Abigail Cox