Cannabis Health + Wellness Consult Package

Cannabis Health + Wellness Consult Package


This consult package is packed with useful information and tools to help you get started on your cannabis journey. A simple health questionnaire will need to be filled out in order to complete consult.

Whats Included:

  1. 30 minute consult to determine current health and how cannabis can help. We will develop goals and a plan how to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle or how it can be weaved into a loved ones care regimen.

  2. Educational materials. Articles, Infographics, and Science Based Research will be provided based upon the results of the consult.

  3. The Cannabliss eCookbook for Conscious Cooking With Cannabis will be included in this bundle at no cost!

  4. Follow Up Q&A Session. We will schedule an appointment 2 weeks after our initial appointment to do a 20 minute follow up to check in and see how goals are being met and if we need to adjust any.

*I am not a doctor, I an not a certified cannabis consultant, but I am a health business professional and my knowledge is based off of years of personal experience, testimonials from others I have helped, and thoroughly conducted research and continuing education. I proudly do not believe in certifications, I believe medicine should be in the hands of the people not the government and their governing bodies. I offer my services because I am passionate about herbs, healing, and education. My driving force is to spread knowledge so everyone can be their own healer. Thank you for being part of Mystic Lotus Healing Collective and supporting a small family owned business!

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