Craftsmen + Craftswomen

It takes collaboration across a community to develop better skills for better lives.
— Jose Angel Gurria

The Mystic Lotus Co-op is an online community of artisans, craftsmen + craftswomen, and healers alike who can share their love for their work all while weaving community and stimulating local business.

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Allie Kovall, Two Moons Jewelry

Allie who has always had a creative eye and a knack for crafting began jewelry making when she was just 14 years old while living in her home state of New York. After years of making which then became selling, she was bound for entrepreneurship. Two Moons Jewelry was born in LA as a collection of Rosary inspired necklaces, bracelets and headpieces which then evolved into the creation of intricate necklaces and other unique accessories. After moving to Nashville, meeting her partner, and having her pride and joy, Luna Belle in June 2015, Allie and the Two Moons Jewelry fam headed west and now resides in the cozy mountain town Bend, OR. Each of Two Moons Jewelry’s pieces are individually made with love from a collection of charms and pendants sustainably sourced from countries all around the world.

From the big cities of LA, Nashville, and NY, and now residing in the cozy mountain town of Bend, OR, designer Allie Kovall soon realized that Two Moons was more than unique jewelry; it is a passion, a bond shared with her daughter Luna Belle, it is her community, it is her lifestyle.